Relieve symptoms of a cold.

Adults usually get a cold up to three times a year, with the typical symptoms of coughing, sniffling and a sore throat. This is usually caused by pathogens and viruses transmitted by airborne infections.

In most cases, a cold disappears without any problems and will be completely cured within no more than a week. After one to two days, the sore throat, hoarseness, difficulties swallowing and the redness should also have diminished considerably.

Nevertheless, the symptoms are unpleasant and have a major restricting effect on our everyday lives – especially in our professional lives. There are a few simple steps you can take to quickly and effectively alleviate the symptoms of a cold.

Tips for dealing with a sore throat, hoarseness and the tickle in your throat.

Silence is golden.

If you have a sore throat, you should protect your voice. Most colds also affect our larynx and vocal cords. You should therefore try to speak as little as possible. Whispering also causes additional damage to your voice. So, if you have something to say, it’s best to say it as quickly as possible at a normal volume.

Stay home.

If you feel very tired, weak and unwell, it’s actually better to stay at home and treat yourself to some time off. How about a hot bath with some bath essence for a cold? Try it out – a day off without stress or obligations often works wonders and is much healthier and more effective than carrying on through a cold.

Try gargling.

Mix half a teaspoon of salt with approx. 0.4 l of lukewarm water or use a strong herbal tea such as camomile or sage. Take a large glug and have a good gargle. This will keep your mucous membrane moist and stop the cold viruses from reproducing.

Drinking soothes your throat and mouth.

Too much or too little mucus leads to irritation in the throat and results in you constantly having to clear it. This then further strains the irritated areas. Hot or cold drinks noticeably ease the problem. Drink whatever is right for you. Hot drinks such as herbal tea or lemon juice diluted with water can be flavoured with a spoonful of honey. Special herbal teas for your throat contain effective herbs such as sage, camomile, aniseed, fennel or ginger.

Treat yourself.

Whether you are recuperating at home or coping with your day-to-day work. With their pure natural ingredients, Grether's Pastilles guaranteed to soothe your mouth and throat.