Le star amano le Grether’s Pastilles.

Cosa c’è nella borsa di Katy Perry. Jeffrey Westbrook, Studio D for Marie Claire

Katy Perry

„They contain glycerin, so they’re great to loosen up my throat and voice – especially after a nap.“

„Grether's Pastilles are really a lifesaver. I know of several big performers who use them, including Idina Menzel and Alice Ripley.“

Gwyneth Paltrow

„I love these soothing black-currant sweets and I always have a box on my desk."

Ariana Grande

L’attrice, cantante e cantautrice americana Ariana Grande ha sempre con sé due confezioni di Grether’s Pastilles.

Curt Hansen

L’attore americano Curt Hansen addirittura «ruba» alla sua collega Ariana Grande le Grether’s Pastilles.