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  • Product details

    Grether's Blueberry sugar-free - the intense fruity pleasure with the natural juice of the blueberry in the 110g gold tin.

    • Sugar-free Sugar-free
    • Gluten-free Gluten-free
    • Lactose-free Lactose-free
  • Ingredients

    Maltitol syrup, edible gelatine, acidifier (citric acid), thickener (agar-agar), glycerine (1.5%), blueberry juice (3.3%), vegetable oil (coconut and rapeseed oil), glazing agent (beeswax), flavouring, colouring grape extract, sweetener (acesulfame-K).

    With sweetener. May have a laxative effect if consumed in excess.

  • Nutritional values

    Content Nutritional values per 100g
    Energy 1080 kJ/255 kcal
    Fat 0,2 g
    of which saturated fatty acids 0,2 g
    Carbohydrates 74,6 g
    of which sugar 0,2 g
    Protein 17,3 g
    Salt  0 g
Available in different sizes

Full-bodied aroma

The full-bodied flavour unfolds pleasantly on the palate and provides special moments of taste. Discover the revitalising effect of Grether's Blueberry when you have an unpleasant feeling in your throat and pharynx. The concentrated blueberry flavour is reminiscent of enchanted orchards and alluvial forests and will lift your spirits.

  • Blueberries have a high concentration of diverse ingredients
  • In extracts, they are still used today for the manufacture of various products
  • Due to its tannins, blueberries are said to have a beneficial effect on the mouth and throat

The origin of the wild blueberry

The wild blueberry has been known since the Middle Ages. It is found throughout the Northern Hemisphere and prefers shady forests, heaths and upland moors as its habitat. The 10 to 60 cm high, branched dwarf shrub bears its ripe dark blueberry fruits from July to September, which leave marks on the skin, tongue and teeth when picked and eaten. In the trade or on plantations, one usually finds the much larger cultivated blueberry, which is descended from the American blueberry and has a light-coloured flesh. Blueberries are eaten fresh or made into cakes, desserts, compotes and jams. Blueberry wine made with red wine is also popular.

The all-natural blueberry juice that gives Grether's Blueberry its fruity aroma and intense flavour is made from carefully picked and handpicked blueberries.