Limited Editions

Limited Editions - the success story at a glance

Since 2019, all those who enjoy "a treat for throat and voice" can look forward to a unique Limited Edition. "Where there's Switzerland on the outside, there's Switzerland on the inside." Under this slogan, the unmistakable Grether's Blackcurrant sugar-free are each sold in four limited edition traditional Swiss tins. The motifs are in an appealing retro-classic design and are intended to remind people of Switzerland internationally with typical motifs.

The images are created by Basel artist Patrizia Stalder. With her portraits, she has already made it into the publication "200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 18/19" by the renowned Lürzer's Archive. This much should be said - the popular Limited Editions are always only available for a short time in pharmacies and drugstores.

All Grether's Pastilles Limited Editions

Chronicle of a golden success story


Our voices take centre stage with Swiss song classics

Limited Edition IV 1 of 4

"Ringel, Ringel, Reihe"
it dances in the Emmental,
when spring is glorious
and blossoming.

Limited Edition IV 1

Limited Edition IV 2 of 4

"Lueget vo Bärg und Tal"-
succeeds particularly impressively
at the Aescher-Wildkirchli
in Appenzellerland.

Limited Edition IV 2

Limited Edition IV 3 of 4

"Te voici, Vigneron!" is the sound
at harvest from
Lavaux vineyards to
the shores of Lake Geneva.

Limited Edition IV 3

Limited Edition IV 4 of 4

In the wintery Valais
Mountain world awakens "Le Vieux
Chalet" aroused the curiosity of
wild animals in search of food.

Limited Edition IV 4


The Swiss winter takes centre stage

Limited Edition III 1 of 4

In the chalet, with country music and a fire in the fireplace, you will quickly feel warm even in winter.

Limited Edition III 1

Limited Edition III 2 of 4

Winter fun for young and old - whether on a traditional wooden sledge or building a snowman.

Limited Edition III 2

Limited Edition III 3 of 4

For over 100 years, ice skating enthusiasts have been doing their laps in style in front of the Suvretta House near St. Moritz.

Limited Edition III 3

Limited Edition III 4 of 4

What could be better than a romantic carriage ride along the frozen Lake Lauenen?

Limited Edition III 4


Famous Swiss places and their animal inhabitants take centre stage

Limited Edition II 1 of 4

A powerful ibex trudges through the snow at the famous Landwasser Viaduct*.

*is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Limited Edition II 1

Limited Edition II 2 of 4

A marmot keeps a lookout on the lush alpine meadows above the Aletsch Glacier**.

**is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Limited Edition II 2

Limited Edition II 3 of 4

At Lake Oeschinen, a watchful St. Bernard observes the hikers

Limited Edition II 3

Limited Edition II 4 of 4

A family of swans glides elegantly across Lake Geneva in front of the castle, which is steeped in history.

Limited Edition II 4


Various Swiss motifs take centre stage

Limited Edition I 1 of 4

Alphorn trio playing in the evening in front of the panorama of the Matterhorn.

Limited Edition I 1

Limited Edition I 2 of 4

Alpine procession in the Bernese Oberland in front of the famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountain range.

Limited Edition I 2

Limited Edition I 3 of 4

Young lady waves to a steamship on Lake Lucerne, heading towards Mount Pilatus.

Limited Edition I 3

Limited Edition I  4 of 4

Against the backdrop of the mighty Piz Bernina, a skier carves through the slopes in Engadin

Limited Edition I 4

Grether’s Pastilles are available at local pharmacies and chemists.