Original recipe from 1850

Valuable ingredients

Grether's are as valuable as the ingredients used in the elaborate traditional production. That is why the pastilles are made only from the best raw materials, which are gently processed according to the original recipe from 1850.

Due to the main use of natural products, there may be slight variations in the production. Depending on the sunshine or harvest time, the sweetness, colour or fruitiness of the processed berries and flowers vary. This is also what makes Grether's unique.

Natural fruit juices

Grether's get their incomparable fruity taste from the natural juice of sun-ripened fruits. The intense aroma comes from the careful and gentle processing as well as the perfectly coordinated composition of the valuable ingredients. Only hand-picked fruits are used, which are known for their beneficial effects. Grether's is available with the fruit juice of black- and redcurrant, elderflower and blueberry.

Vegetable glycerine

Grether's only uses glycerine from high-quality vegetable oils. The versatile substance has a moisture-binding and softening effect and stimulates natural saliva production. Glycerine helps noticeably against dry mouth and nestles like a protective film around stressed vocal cords.

Red algae agar-agar

Grether's get their particularly smooth and incomparable consistency through the addition of agar-agar. The tasteless gelling agent is obtained from the red algae found in the depths of the sea. The precious raw material does not allow mass production and underlines the exquisite quality of each individual pastille.

High-quality gelatine

Only the highest quality edible gelatine is used in the production of Grether's. The highly complex process of gelatine production produces a pure and safe product that is carefully and gently processed with the other natural raw materials.

Vegetable maltitol syrup

Maltitol is a purely vegetable sweetener derived from corn starch. Maltitol syrup contains glucose and short-chain polysaccharides in addition to maltitol. Compared to pure glucoses, its glycaemic index is only 46 %. Maltitol syrup is safe for the teeth.

Calorie-free acesulfame-K

The quality sweetener is characterised by its high sweetening power and its purity. It is not converted by the human organism, but excreted unchanged. The calorie-free acesulfame-K contains no source of phenylalanine. There are also no known allergic reactions to the substance.

Did you know that...

  • Glycerine owes its name to its sweet taste? The name glycerine comes from the Greek glykerós, which means "sweet".
  • Agar-agar owes its name to its natural habitat? The Latin name of the red seaweed is "Gelida" and it means "cold water".
  • Blackcurrant also has a very high vitamin C content? At 175 mg per 100g, this makes it one of the most vitamin C-rich fruits.