Swiss quality

Doetsch Grether AG has been selling the traditional Allenburys throat pastilles since the 1930s. The elaborate production according to the original recipe from 1850 has been carried out since 1974 in a manufactory in Altnau on the Swiss shore of Lake Constance. High-quality and naturally pure ingredients are used to produce the well-known and proven soft pastilles under the Grether's name. Some ingredients do not allow mass production, which is why individual production steps are still carried out by hand today. You can feel and taste the gentle and careful processing of the high-quality ingredients with every single pastille.


1. Carefully selected natural ingredients

The essences of sun-ripened berries and flowers, effective glycerine and high-quality agar-agar make Grether's so unique. No other pastille is invested so much time - the pastilles have to rest for a whole three months before they go on sale.

The gelling agent agar-agar that makes them so smooth is extracted from red seaweed and does not allow for mass production. It is soaked for many hours and then cooked together with the other ingredients. The liquid fruit mass must then settle so that all the air bubbles can escape. Only the quantity needed for one day's production is applied.


2. Gently prepared with a lot of manual work

Based on the original recipe from 1850, Grether's are produced with extensive expertise, a great deal of experience, passion and tradition using specialised production facilities and partly by hand. 

Maturation process

3. Matured in climate chambers for over three months

Grether's ripen in temperature-controlled climate chambers for a whole three months. Like fine wine, they unfold their unmistakably fine taste with the intense fruitiness and special consistency.


What's inside: Grethers Pastilles

Grether's are manufactured with the utmost care. The centuries-old original English recipe and natural ingredients are the basis for this, which we have not changed to this day. 

Grether’s Pastilles are available at local pharmacies and chemists.