Anna Känzig

Anna Känzig

04. July 2023

Grether's and the Swiss singer Anna Känzig: the perfect duet 

; Renowned Swiss singer Anna Känzig shows off not only her face but also her distinctive voice for the brand in the latest Grether's TV commercial. Anna Känzig & Grether's

Grether's and Anna Känzig share a common passion - caring for the voice.


"When the request came from Grether's, I didn't have to think twice. The pastilles fit perfectly with my work as a singer," says Anna Känzig. She was especially pleased that one of her songs was featured in the commercial.


Filming the commercial was a lot of fun for Känzig. "It was great fun, I got to work with a great crew," she says. Although she is mostly on stage and not in front of the camera, Anna Känzig found pleasure in acting: "Acting is not really my thing, but because I could just be myself - a singer - I really enjoyed it for the first time in my life."

"Grether's pastilles are my ritual before gigs".

Anna Känzig, singer

The relationship between Känzig and Grether's Pastilles goes back a long way. "It's an early childhood memory, my grandmother always had the pastilles with her. When I have Grether's Pastilles today, there is always a touch of nostalgia," she remembers.

Nostalgia Grether's

Today, she prefers to take the pastilles before performances or in the studio: "Apart from the beneficial effect on the voice, there is also something very calming about chewing a Grether's Pastille, which helps to ease my nervousness before concerts."

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