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Balm for your voice

01. June 2023

Our new TV commercial presents Grether's in a new look; an icon that reinvents itself and preserves its long tradition.

"The voice is your acoustic fingerprint and Grether's awakens the unique voice within you."

Aglaé Voetmann - Senior Brand Manager Grether's

Our new TV commercial is for those whose voice is an important part of life as an instrument or as a tool and have found the perfect companion for a familiar, strong and natural voice with Grether's.

Familiar, natural & strong

Your voice matters

The human voice is one of the most versatile and powerful instruments there is. We use it to communicate, to sing, to speak, to laugh and to cry. It is an essential part of our identity and expression. It allows us to share our thoughts, feelings and ideas with others.

A strong voice can also be a powerful tool to inspire people. From teachers and actors to singers and politicians, the voice is an important factor for success in many walks of life.

Familiarity creates safety; if you know someone who has a soothing voice, hearing that voice can bring a sense of comfort and security, evoke positive memories and give a feeling of happiness. Overall, a familiar voice can help people feel safer, supported and understood.

Anna Känzig - Soothing comfort for your voice

A strong voice to overcome obstacles

We all have a voice - a voice that should be heard, a voice that can bring about change. But it is the strong voice that makes the difference - the voice that is heard, the voice that inspires.

A strong voice can take us on a journey that restores our faith in ourselves and our dreams. It can give us the strength we need to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals.

You don't have to be famous to have a strong voice. We all have the ability to use our voices to bring about change in our world and in our own lives.

When we use our voices to express our thoughts and ideas, we open doors that were previously closed. We inspire others to join us to create and implement a vision together.

Grether's vision is to support you in finding your strong, authentic and unique voice.

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