The versatility of Grether's gold tins

21. March 2024

Today we want to show you just how versatile our gold tins really are. Sure, they're perfect for our delicious pastilles, but they can do so much more. Let's dive in and find out how you can get the best out of your gold tin.

Grether's gold tins reinterpreted

Multi-purpose organisation

In this video, we show you how you can use your gold tin for different purposes: to store office supplies, as a jewellery box, to organise small cables and even to store dog food. One tin, countless possibilities!

Artistic design

Another inspiring example is the use of gold cans as a canvas for artistic works. In a fascinating video, a Swiss artist shows how she covers the lid inside the gold tin with a small canvas and uses the lower part of the tin as a colour palette to create beautiful paintings. This illustrates the creative versatility and practical use of gold tins as a blank canvas for artistic expression. In addition, designing a gold tin as a work of art offers a unique opportunity to create a personalised and lovingly designed gift that is sure to leave an impression on the recipient.


Plant decoration

Why not turn your gold tin into a stylish plant pot? With a few holes in the bottom for drainage and some soil, you can grow small houseplants or herbs. It adds a touch of greenery and elegance to your home.

Our Instagram video shows how you can turn your gold tin into a festive plant decoration, perfect as a unique Christmas gift! Use your gold tin to present a miniature Christmas landscape or a lovingly designed plant and spread joy.

A golden money box

Did you know that you can easily turn your empty gold tin into a money box? All it takes is a small hole in the lid and you have a stylish way to collect your loose change. Watch our video to find out how easy it is!

How love and creativity come together in one gift

Once, a marriage proposal was even made with the help of one of our gold tins! The ring was cleverly hidden in the gold tin. When the bride-to-be opened it, she not only found a treasure, but also the love of her life.

Heiratsantrag mit der Golddose von Grether's

These examples are just the beginning! We encourage you to unleash your creativity and discover your own unique uses for Grether's gold tins. From practical to decorative, from functional to festive - the possibilities are endless.

One for all. All for one

In addition to the practical applications, Grether's gold tins also offer a sustainable aspect. By reusing your gold tins, you actively help to reduce waste and contribute to environmental protection.


We invite you to share your own experiences with Grether's Gold Tins and show us how you use them in your everyday life. Use social media to share your ideas with us and our community and let's celebrate the versatility of Grether's gold cans together!

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