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Collectibles beyond the borders

15. August 2023

Grether's Limited Edition gold tins are popular collectors' items with many fans at home and abroad. They often serve as a mini treasure chest, for example for jewellery, money, sewing accessories, holiday souvenirs, little secrets. One customer even used it to propose - with a ring in the special tin - successfully, by the way.

"Since I have been in charge of the brand, I wanted to develop a limited edition from the very beginning to promote the uniqueness of the pastilles also through the design. We live by the motto: "Where there's Switzerland on the outside, there's Switzerland on the inside." Working with a Swiss artist was a must-have for me". 

Aglaé Voetmann, Senior Brand Manager

A look behind the scenes, the making of the Limited Edition IV

Grether's are a cult product. And the golden tins with Swiss retro motifs are also cult. In 2022, the limited special edition appeared for the fourth time. It was illustrated by the Basel artist Patrizia Stalder.

Dedicated to the voice - and Swiss songs

Yes, Grether's gold tins could tell many an emotional story... And they could sing a song of tradition, quality and well-being. This is promoted with the Limited Editions, each of which takes up a beautiful, touching, familiar and typically Swiss theme. In 2022, the main inspiration was: The voice.

The voice, because the pastilles with vegetable glycerine act like a protective film on the stressed vocal cords and protect the throat and voice.

The voice also because we associate it with singing - for example with Swiss song classics.

Awakening memories and discovering Switzerland

Singing puts us in a good mood, and Swiss folk songs awaken memories. For the realisation of the theme, the Basel-based illustrator Patrizia Stalder also took herself back to her childhood: "I come from a family of 7 musicians and singers. We sang together at every opportunity, so I was able to sing many Swiss songs as a child."

The Basel illustrator Patrizia Stalder

The four gold tins of Grether's Blackcurrant sugar-free are a nostalgic Swiss song journey through the changing seasons. I wonder if the artist, who was voted one of the "200 Best Illustrators Worldwide" in 2018/19, sang while she was designing? At the very least, she has embarked on a journey: "I love Switzerland. When researching and illustrating, I always go on journeys - even if virtually - and discover places that are still new to me."

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