An icon reinvents itself - Grether's video-preview

An icon reinvents itself

14. November 2023

On 2 November 2023, we experienced a significant change at our PR event. Under the motto "An icon reinvents itself", we not only unveiled impressive new packaging, but also the mild sharpness of the new Limited Edition Ginger Lemon. This evening was characterised by considered elegance and a commitment to our tradition, presented in a modern guise.

Media representatives and artists experience the new glamour!

We are proud to announce that we not only had the support of our esteemed guests, but also of the talented singer Anna Känzig. Her artistic interpretation and personal connection to Grether's Pastillen gave the evening a cultural flavour.

„Don’t think twice und nimm doch no e Grether’s Pastille“ 

Anna Känzig - Sängerin

The presence of a wide range of media clearly demonstrated the broad acceptance of and interest in our new product. Particularly noteworthy was the participation of numerous influencers at the after-work event, who enriched the digital world with their feedback.

An icon reinvents itself?

The changes to the packaging are subtle yet significant. The redesigned golden box is a harmonious fusion of timeless elegance and modern sophistication. The classic elements that have always characterised Grether's Pastilles have been skilfully transformed into a contemporary design that combines tradition and innovation in an appealing overall concept.


Refreshingly new: the Grether's Limited Edition Ginger-Lemon

Ginger-Lemon is a soothing combination of spicy ginger, refreshing lemon and vitamin C, which helps to support the immune system. The balanced recipe is a sophisticated combination of an intense flavour experience and balm for throat and voice. What makes our soft pastilles so special is how carefully they are made. Each lozenge contains pure ginger powder obtained from freshly harvested ginger.

Ginger-Lemon Grether's

„The impressions not only convey visual impressions, but also tell the story of an event where tradition and innovation meet.“

Aglaé Voetmann - Senior Brand Manager Grether’s

Interview with Aglaé Voetmann - Senior Brand Manager Grether's

Find out first-hand how this event not only showcased products, design and novelties, but also helped to create a deeper bond between the brand and the journalists/influencers.

  • What was your motivation for organising this PR event?

    My motivation for organising this PR event lies in the comprehensive PR strategy for Grether's in 2023, which included four major media releases, including the successful year 2022, the redesign and relaunch of Grether's, the musical duet with Anna Känzig and the launch of the new Limited Edition Ginger Lemon variant. The PR event represented the culmination of this strategy, where we were able to present the entire range of our products, the revised design, the novelty and live music by Anna Känzig to journalists and influencers. 

  • How long has Grether's been around?

    Grether's is an established brand with a history of over 150 years, dating back to 1850. We are proud to own the original recipe, which is based on an English background.

  • What fascinates you personally about Grether's?

    Grether's is a high-quality product that tastes unique with its exclusive flavour and is a balm for the voice.  I find the careful selection of natural ingredients and the elaborate manufacturing process, which involves a three-month period and two resting phases, particularly fascinating. This process allows the pastilles to breathe and mature, much like a fine wine.

    The emotional connection to the gold tin and the product as a whole is something special for me personally. Every day I am surprised anew by the positive feedback from customers. It also fills me with pride that our products have also won over well-known singers such as Ariana Grande and Katy Perry.

We invite you to experience this exciting journey with us.

Grether's has evolved carefully, always focussing on our values and traditions. Take a look into the world of Grether's and find out how new packaging not only changes outward appearances, but also continues the history of our brand.

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